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Dominion Telecom has partnered with VoIPTools to expand the 3CX features available to our most demanding clients.  With a VoIPTools universal subscription, our clients gain access to all of the most popular 3CX add-ons for a low annual subscription.  VoIPTools are fully compatible with Dominion Telecom's managed 3CX hosting and can be implemented quickly and efficiently into production environments.  Contact us today to activate your subscription!

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VoIPTools Extends Functionality

VoIPTools has been building custom 3CX integrations for more than 10 years and enables advanced functionality to tackle the most demanding tasks.  Contact Dominion Telecom today to supercharge your PBX with a universal subscription from VoIPTools.


Providing first-class support to your customers requires a broad range of tools. Maximize your 3CX investment by tightly integrating your phone system into your support processes.
Do your customers need after-hours support? You need 3CX On Call Manager. Route VIP calls to a priority queue or assigned agent with our routing tools. Automatically pop customer information on inbound calls with our CRM plugins. Monitor agent productivity with our Wallboard. Get immediate feedback from your customers with our Post Call Surveyor. Need an audible warning when your support team is overwhelmed? 3CX Queue Notifier (Chime) is the solution you need.


Sales encompasses many business processes from prospecting, to customer relationship management, to marketing campaigns. VoIPTools has a broad range of solutions to augment your sales activities.
Use one of our dialers for outbound campaigns. Encourage competition within your sales organization with our 3CX Competitive Wallboard. Document agreements and manage recorded calls with our Recording Manager. Ensure a voicemail never goes unheard with our Voicemail manager.


Automate outbound dialing with one of our dialers. Archive recorded conversations with Recording Manager. Monitor Agent activities in real-time with our Wallboard. Create custom reports with 3CX Exporter. Manage customer interactions with one of our CRM Plugins. Need a custom solution? We have a dedicated team of more than 35 3CX programmers ready to help.


Our dialers can automate your outbound marketing campaigns,. Ensure your customers are routed to the correct agent the first time with our routing tools. Monitor inbound and outbound agent activities in real-time with our wallboard. or inbound marketing that generates customer inquiries, we have the tools to enhance your business and improve your marketing efforts. Make it easy for your customers to contact you with our free Click-To-Call website component. Pop customer data from your CRM with our 3CX plugins. Build custom reports with the help of our 3CX Exporter. Get instant feedback from your customers with our post-call surveyor.

Call Centers

Monitor agent activity in real-time with our wallboard. Create custom Call Center reports with 3CX Exporter. Automate outbound calls using one of our dialer solutions. Routing tools ensure calls are directed to the correct Agent. Get instant feedback from your customers using our post-call survey tool. Need a custom integration? Our team of dedicated 3CX programmers can build exactly what you need.