FREE 3CX Licensing, Renewals, and Upgrades

Dominion Telecom makes 3CX licensing easy!  If you do not yet have a license, you can have a free 1 year 3CX license instantly by registering below.  If you already have a 3CX license, Dominion Telecom offers free 3CX license renewal and upgrade support as well as proactive license monitoring and notifications.  Linking your license takes less than 60 seconds and gives you instant access to 3CX licensing renewal and upgrade services, 3CX preferred SIP trunking, and 3CX PBX cloud hosting.

If you have an URGENT 3CX license renewal or upgrade request, please call us at (252) 499-0500 or 'Contact Us' for IMMEDIATE assistance.

If you are a 3CX partner / reseller, please ensure that you have selected Dominion Telecom as your preferred distributor within your 3CX partner portal so that we may better assist you.

Don't have a 3CX license yet?

Get a free 3CX system for unlimited users, including mobile apps, web conferencing, live chat, SMS support, and more. With 3CX you choose how you want your system. You can have 3CX host and manage your system for you or DIY in your private cloud or on-premise. Whatever your choice you get a full-blown communications system up and running in minutes by registering below and then completing the setup wizard.

Already have a 3CX license?  Enroll it for FREE in less than 60 seconds!
Upgrades, Renewals, and Free Monitoring of your 3CX License

Sign into your PBX system management console.  On the dashboard under 'information' you will see a section that says 'My Partner'.

1.) If this is currently populated, please click on unlink to unlink the current partner and proceed to the next step

2.) You may now enter the new partner ID of 223807 which will show as Dominion Telecom
(make sure you click OK after both confirmation screens)

All Done!  We'll make sure we keep you updated on upcoming license renewal dates and provide you with a proactive license renewal quote when it is time.  If we can be of assistance with 3CX licensing, support, SIP trunking, or hosting, please do not hesitate to contact us at (252) 499-0500.