Hosted PBX Cloud Phone System

Dominion Telecom's hosted PBX cloud telephone system lowers costs, simplifies communication, and includes the latest features and functionality.  Our all-inclusive solution includes unlimited users, video conferencing, Android and iPhone applications, PC and Mac software phones, the latest desk-phone support, advanced reporting, CRM integration, business SMS/MMS, website integration, and the industries most advanced telephone system feature set.  Transfer your current numbers and lower your phone bill today with Dominion Telecom.  We look forward to earning your business!

How does Dominion Telecom save you money?
  • No per user or per extension charges; only pay for the number of call paths needed
  • Our hosted phone system is not bundled with phone service, so it is free of excessive telecom taxes
  • Take advantage of the lowest cost calling plans available with the flexibility to switch or mix SIP service providers based on pricing and your actual needs
  • Streamlined deployment and management by Dominion Telecom frees our client’s time
  • Service is all inclusive of setup, support, hosting, adds, moves, and changes

What about features and functionality?
  • Dominion Telecom Hosted PBX is based on the award winning 3CX solution
  • Our dedicated instances offer additional flexibility and customization over typical multi-tenant hosted offerings
  • Complete mobile application suite for iPhone, Android, Windows, Apple, ChromeOS, and Linux
  • Support for physical and software telephones
  • Centralized communication for unlimited offices as well as remote employees
  • Integration with leading CRM and ERP systems
  • Customized reporting on all facets of your company’s communications
  • Included video conferencing for all users
  • Native SMS and MMS text messaging support for all business numbers
  • Free website chat and click-to-call email signature integration
  • …plus the COMPLETE 3CX feature set is INCLUDED

What about pricing?
  • Pricing is based on concurrent call paths and consists of a monthly subscription, annual license, and actual usage
  • Because our pricing model is based on call paths as opposed to user extensions, there is no incremental cost to add users or locations
  • While there are unlimited call path options available, most companies will greatly benefit from the savings of paying for their actual usage as opposed to what they ‘might’ use
  • Switch or mix metered and unlimited calling plans as well as SIP carriers at any time

I’m interested, so what are the next steps?
  • Schedule a guided web demo to view the system and discuss your particular needs and requirements
  • Quotation and acceptance
  • Deployment, configuration, and testing/confirmation
  • Migrate users
  • Most deployments are completed within 2 business days and most migrations are completed within 10 business days