Medical and Dental Telephone Solutions

Dominion Telecom specializes in telephone service and telephone systems for the medical and dental industry.  This passion has grown out of years of working with our clients in these fields and gaining an understanding of their unique needs and requirements.  With so many telephone choices, we have removed the complexity and have structured a comprehensive solution that lowers cost and equips your practice with the communication tools needed to be successful.

The following are just a few of the medical and dental practice requirements we have addressed:

  • Outbound caller ID should reflect a common number regardless of what ‘line’ a patient is called from.  This ensures that patient reminders, scheduling, and follow up calls are not blocked as spam for being an unfamiliar number.
  • Schedules should support the unique nature of medical and dental practices such as different working hours, breaks, and different after-hours messages and call routing depending as to who is on-call.  These schedules should be automated yet easy to adjust or override.
  • Doctors should have the ability to call a patient from their mobile phone while passing the main office phone's caller ID to the patient.  This ensures that patients do not return calls directly to the doctor’s mobile phone, increases the chance that the patient will answer the familiar number, and gives the doctor flexibility to return a call from anywhere.
  • Patients want the ability to text the published office number of the practice.  Our system enables SMS and MMS text messaging availability for all numbers and provides an intuitive web interface for office staff to communicate with patients.
  • Office staff should have the ability to call clients using click-to-call when viewing a patient record.
  • Detailed call records with graphical reports should be automated and emailed in an easy to read format.  This will aid in scheduling staff and resources.
  • Practices want these features to be included, setup for them, and easy to use and access.
  • Migrating should be quick, easy, convenient, and not disruptive to staff, patients, or call flow.

We do all of the above and so much more!  Contact Dominion Telecom and let us show you how our Medical and Dental Solutions will transform your client interaction, future-proof your telephone system, and save you money.